From a fan: "it's like listening to Pearl Jam & Jack Johnson playing together
acoustically on a beach in Jamaica while you're hanging out with Bob Marley.”

If you’ve seen band after band playing one particular genre of music that really has
nothing to offer you, then you haven’t heard Guava Lava.

Guava Lava transpires original music that could just as easily be enjoyed in your
favorite local restaurant/bar, driving in your car, or with a drink in your hand and toes
in the sand. The sun is always gonna shine. Whether you’re one or ninety-one, Guava
Lava is for all ages. With influences ranging from Bob Marley and Jack Johnson,
Pearl Jam,  UB40 to CSN, Paul Simon and Prince ,the spectrum of influences is vast
and deep .  You’re sure to warm up the mystic funky / reggae / acoustic island tunes
of Guava Lava. This band packs a mixture of sounds and styles into songs, so you’re
bound to love them all.

Guava Lava creates a molten meltdown with the most intuitive original songs of our
time, and releases mouth-watering tectonics in a one-two punch of acoustic cocktails
like you've never heard before. Listeners are transported to a tropical oasis where
words and rhythms invite you to join in the island festivals with melodic guitar, vocal
harmonies, pumping bass and butt grinding percussion.

You’ll soak up the sun after a refreshing dip in the waters, then sing and dance and
sing by the firelight. You are destined to walk away fulfilled from a Guava Lava
musical show replenished with tunes you will know and grow to love.

Live life as life was meant to be and don’t worry about a ting.
Take a drink, relax, put your toes in the water... it’s been a long time coming…we’re
finally alone.

Guava Lava is:
Nat Longordo -- Vocals/Guitar
Matt Kiamie – Lead guitar/Vocals
Chris O’Keefe – Percussion/trinkets
JJ Reed – Bass/Vocals

Ride the wave at: and

Experience Guava Lava original sounds for yourself with magical songs like "Fire
Light", "Soleil", "Long Time Coming", "Car Ride", “Welcome to the Island” and many
more. Look out for their debut album due out in Early 2008. In the meantime, let your
ears relax and your mind sit back as you “let it in”...

Warning: Listening to Guava Lava can lead to fits of uncontrollable dancing and
singing along.
Butt grinding, toe tappin, hip shakin, and mind elation are among common side
effects as your bones shake and body relates.
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